San Jose, CA – Lumileds today announced immediate high quantity availability of its LUXEON 3030 HE Plus Horticulture LEDs. Based on the company’s leading 3030 LED portfolio and characterized for horti


Fluence by OSRAM, a leading and advanced supplier of LED horticultural lighting, is dedicated to innovating LED horticultural lighting technology for a wide range of crops. LEDinside had an opportunity to interview David Cohen, chief executive officer of Fluence to learn more about how Fluence was the first LED provider to enter the market with white light, and its products and market strategies that lead the LED horticultural lighting space.

Cohen indicated that the demand for LED horticultural lighting has consistently increased since 2017 and continues to boom this year due to growing cannabis legalization in the U.S., a focus on food security and sourcing, and an increasing LED lighting penetration rate. As reflected in Fluence’s recently released State of the Cannabis Lighting Market report, LED usage among cannabis growers tripled over the last five years in every cultivation stage and 38 percent of cultivators reported plans to implement LED lights within the next 12 months. As consumers increasingly focus on food safety issues, the demand for year-round high-wire crops such as cucumbers, tomatoes and bell peppers is also taking off in Europe and Asia.

Compared to conventional lighting, such as high pressure sodium systems, LED horticultural lighting provides various spectral options to meet various crops’ needs. With this advantage, LED adoption is growing among cultivators in the commercial agriculture market. Though LED lighting products are generally more expensive than legacy systems (in regard to capital expenses, not operating expenses), they have added benefits including increased energy efficiencies and overall performance. In addition, Cohen indicated that Fluence conducts its own scientific research and cooperates with leading universities in different regions around the world, not only to study spectra and environmental variables’ (e.g. temperature, moisture) effects on plant production, but also to explore how different geographical locations impact plant development (e.g. research on greenhouses in various latitudes).

In order to continue increasing LED horticultural lighting adoption, Fluence also holds free informational cultivation webinars and regularly presents its research findings to the industry, including the recent release of its cannabis research trials results detailing spectral impact on indoor and greenhouse production. What’s more, by navigating rebate programs for LED lighting in the North American market, Fluence assists growers with decreasing the cost of updating their operations.

Fluence consistently studies LED spectra, power management and cost performance ratios for LED lighting, and regularly releases new features and products. In addition, by providing comprehensive product solutions and rebate programs, Fluence helps growers quickly adopt and implement LED horticultural lighting in their facilities.

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